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Once Upon a Time – Charles Mesure cast as ‘Blackbeard’

In the 17th episode of  the third season of Once Upon a Time titled “The Jolly Roger” we’ll be introduced to the ruthless pirate ‘Blackbeard,’ which will be played by Charles Mesure (Desperate Housewives, V).

Mesure hinted on twitter that he gets to wear one of the coolest costumes and takes part in a couple of action sequences, which will very likely include some swashbuckling with Colin O’Donghue who plays Killian ‘Hook’ Jones.

It seems like we might have to take a closer look at the Once Upon a Time family tree, as ‘Blackbeard’ looks like he could be related to the brothers Liam and Killian Jones, the family resemblance is striking to say the least. Are we set to meet the patriarch of the Jones family?

We know that Killian was abandoned by his father as a child, with his beloved older brother Liam (Bernard Curry) stepping in to take care of him after they found out that their father was a fugitive. The brothers however decided to choose an honorable path, as they both became highly respected naval officers serving in the Royal Navy. That is until the tragic events due to the Dreamshade poisoning in Neverland not only claimed Liam’s life, but also exposed the truth about their corrupt and murderous King. No longer able to follow orders, Killian turned his back on the unscrupulous King and became a pirate instead.

It’s still unknown how the pirate’s backstory will unfold, however should Blackbeard turn out to be ‘Davy Jones’, it will certainly be an awkward family reunion. It will be interesting to see if ‘Blackbeard’ ever took interest in what his sons have been doing with their lives, and if he’s learned of Liam’s death. There’s a good chance both pirate captains may start a battle at sea or have some sort of confrontation, without them being aware that they’re father and son until later.

It’s still only a theory, but the casting department of Once Upon a Time is flawless when it comes to casting actors for characters who are related to each other.

With a possible father-son theme running through the episode, this backstory could relate to the present day as Killian and Henry (Jared Gilmore) seems to be spending more time together. It’s only natural the pirate is interested in getting to learn Emma’s (Jennifer Morrison) son better, and from the recent BTS pictures they might just step aboard “The Jolly Roger”. However we can’t but mention the elephant in the room that is the announcement of a character’s death, as in the BTS pics from 3.16 “It’s Not Easy Being Green” it looks like Henry is asking Killian’s advice about sailing and not his father Neal (Michael Raymond-James), who is just as knowledgeable on the subject. This is pure speculation, but perhaps Neal could be the one dying and in order to cope with his loss, Henry may seek comfort in the man who knew his father best and is able to answer his questions about him.

If “Good Form” mirrored the relationship between Killian and his brother Liam, with that of Killian and Charming becoming ‘mates’, perhaps “The Jolly Roger” will mirror a father-son dynamic. It will be interesting to see how it will all unfold, though for the pirate’s sake let’s hope the episode doesn’t feature a death of another loved one aboard “The Jolly Roger”.

Once Upon a Time returns on Sunday 9 March at 8/7c on ABC


  1. Thanks so much for your article!
    I can’t wait to see this episode. Captain Hook has become one of my favorite characters, not only on ouat, but in TV generally. I think Adam and Eddy created him to be a wonderfully complex character, deep, dark but with a heart of gold. The more we learn about Killian Jones, the more I appreciate him and the more I wanna learn about him. Seeing him with his father, who abandoned him, will give Colin O’Donghue a lot of room to demonstrate his brilliant acting skills. Hopefully, Hook truly isn’t going anywhere and we’ll get the chance to learn much more about him in the seasons to come.

    • Hi Kali,
      Glad you enjoyed the article! I agree I think there’s still a lot to learn about the character Killian Jones, especially about the time period before he met Milah. Hopefully we’ll get to see the changes in his character as’pirate’ Captain Jones after the death of Liam. I’m incredibly sad about the announcement of a character’s death as am a real fan of each and every one, really rooting for their happy ending, but yes I think it’s safe to say Hook isn’t going anywhere…
      Thanks again for reading. =)

  2. I also adore Hook, for me its the whole complex thing, yes he does things but he’s self aware and comes from a place of hurt and lack of love. He loves deeply and is motivated by that. Loving the development of his… he is coming back to who he was before Killian Jones…

    I am rooting for him, and Hook/Emma.

    Cant wait to see Hook and Blackbeard and so on

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