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Sherlock – “Did You Miss Me?” Series 4 Twist & Speculation

If it’s one thing we should always remember when watching Sherlock, or indeed anything written by Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss is that ‘Everybody lies‘. Liar was spelled out in abundance when it came to the series 3 finale “His last Vow”, where it turned out that the lovely Mary Morstan (Amanda Abbington) had quite an interesting and highly secretive backstory to say the least. Her husband John Watson (Martin Freeman) was rather understandably shell shocked.And of course she almost killed Sherlock (Benedict Cumberbatch) too.

While Sherlock was battling to stay alive, think many Sherlockians were jumping up and down in front of their screens when out of the blue  came a surprise cameo from none other than Moriarty (Andrew Scott). Sherlock was clearly in a hallucinating state at that moment, but none the less those few minutes were enough to impress! So Andrew Scott didn’t just return to Sherlock, to have an almost kiss in the series opener “The Empty Hearse” and a second cameo then?

Not quite apparently, as “His Last Vow” ended with a surprise message from Moriarty himself: “Did You Miss Me?” (YES!!! We did!), which was enough for the Secret Service to let Sherlock  return from his 5 minute exile after killing Magnussen (Lars Mikkelsen).

Many things have been written about the beloved villain Jim Moriarty, especially about his speech on top of the roof and his willingness to die. “Living is just staying isn’t it?” He was also deeply disappointed in Sherlock, and how easy it was to best him. “Boring!” To be honest in “The Empty Hearse” we learned that Sherlock had been miles ahead of Moriarty all along. But it doesn’t change the fact that we did see Moriarty shoot himself in the head in “The Reichenbach Fall”? Or does it?

Will we really be seeing Moriarty alive again, or is someone else behind it all? And if we do see him again, how did he fake his suicide?

Let’s return to ‘Everybody lies‘ and a memory trip to San Diego Comic Con last summer. A question was asked to Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss about Moriarty.

Is Andrew Scott is returning to Series 3?

Steven Moffat: ”Andrew Scott WILL be returning in the next season, but Moriarty IS dead. He shot himself through the brain, you don’t get back from that. In the original stories Moriarty dies. Look he shot himself in the face what more do you want?! Do you think they went on that rooftop and faked suicide at each other? What a waste of a scene: ‘You were faking? I was faking too!…’”

Mark Gatiss: ”A lot of people have come up to us and say Moriarty can’t be dead ’cause we don’t see the back of his head blown off… This is half past eight on BBC One, there are certain things that you can’t show.”

There are only two ways about Sherlock Series 4 and Moriarty’s return, either they really did end up faking suicide at each other! Which means Moffat and Gatiss managed to fool us all. Or someone is using Moriarty’s legacy to cause trouble…

The Game is most definitely on!

It does leave plenty of questions should Moriarty return, how exactly did he manage to come back from the dead? Did Moriarty plant a fake body on top of the roof, while Sherlock made his own escape? Dis he have his own army of minions working for him, to cover up the fact he was still alive? How did he fool the Secret Service – surely it wasn’t that easy? Unless they had a few traitors in their midst. It’s certainly mind-boggling to think about the options. Hopefully there won’t be a two or three year agonizingly long wait to get our questions answered.

Sherlock series four and indeed five are in the works, so fingers crossed for an early 2015 release!


  1. Jim Moriarty is alive!

  2. So what are they going to do now? Episode 4? or Season 4? This is not the end right? Please don’t tell season 4, they’ll freaking take 2 years to make it! Gaaah! I wanted it to end!

    • No end in sight at all, as Series 4 and Series 5 have been planned.Series 4 is about to be confirmed by the BBC, and will likely compose of three new episodes. Fingers crossed however that it won’t take two years to make it, now that the schedules have opened up a little bit.

  3. Is he ?welcome back Andy 😀

  4. I don’t think Moriarty is alive. But maybe before he killed himself he had somethig planned if he did. I mean when you watch the second series finale you get the impression he just then decided to shoot himself. But what if he didn’t? He prbably knew there was a possibility he might have to. But he still wanted to spread a little more kaos so he had a plan that would go in to effect after his death.
    plus the writers doesnt have to try to explain his obvius suicide away. And the fans stilll got the real Moriarty back. anyway thats what I think.

  5. Moriarty will be back and back with a bang. The energy he brings to the character is truly phenomenal. Thumps Up for Jim Moriarty’s return.

  6. SM has said he will leave Dr Who before Sherlock so yay more loads of Mr Holmes to come.

  7. I’m back!!!

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