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Once Upon a Time – What to expect from Season 3 in March? *Spoilers*

Now that the winter finale has aired of the first half of the third season of Once Upon a Time, and we’ve learned the repercussions of the curse it has become a little bit clearer of what we can expect in March when the show returns to our screens.

3.12 “New York City Serenade”

Many fans of Once were left very confused when the abundance of BTS shots were released of the filming, featuring Killian ‘Hook’ Jones (Colin O’Donoghue) being arrested in New York, while trying to give a potion to Emma (Jennifer Morrison). The Hook & Emma BTS pics  also show a hug between the two of them, which suggests that the potion is a way to give Emma her memories back. In “Going Home” our sexy charming pirate tried out True Love’s Kiss with little luck, as Emma only saw a crazy stranger trying to kiss her – and not the hero who saved her father’s life and who she has feelings for. A full year has passed since Pan’s curse, and somehow our heroes have found a way back to Storybrooke.

Her parents and the town are once again in need of the Saviour, but it will be up to Killian to get her to believe and remember again. While Hook is on a rescue mission in New York, in a flashback we’ll be heading back to the Enchanted Forest and see what happened to our heroes when they were consumed by the curse. BTS pics of the cast show the Charmings, with a pregnant Snow (Ginnifer Goodwin) in conversation with a very handsome Hook on a horse, while we’ll also get to see Aurora (Sarah Bolger) and Philip (Julian Morris) again.

“New York City Serenade” will also feature the guest appearance of Covert Affairs actor Christopher Gorham who’s set to play Walsh, Adam Horowitz and Eddy Kitsis have confirmed that Gorham will play someone very important in Emma’s life. BTS pics of Chris and Jennifer  show that they’re on very friendly terms, and the new promo pics confirm that he’s likely to propose during a date! The episode will conclude with Emma and Henry (Jared Gilmore) returning to Storybrooke with Killian, and face the new villain in town.

ABC has released a full introduction to the second half of the season, better known as the Oz-arc, revealing a couple of details about the Witch’s curse and how it may affect the residents of Storybrooke. Check out the promotional pictures, as well as more preview spoilers.

Here’s the first sneak peek of the midseason premiere featuring Hook and Emma in New York. The cast of Once appeared on GMA and The View on Friday 7 March, followed by two other sneak peeks.

3.13 “Witch Hunt”

Time for us to meet ‘The Wicked Witch from Oz’ as Rebecca Mader is stepping into Robbie Kay’s shoes as the series new iconic villain. Little is known about how she got into the lives of our heroes, but she’s on to a mission to rival the Evil Queen (Lana Parrilla). The first BTS pics of Rebecca Mader as the witch show her wearing a green pendant, very useful unless you wish to walk around Storybrooke with a permanent green face! The town is back, but there might have been a switch in power as a couple of scenes were filmed at the Town Hall showing a concerned Emma and Regina.

Storybrooke residents have gone missing near the town’s line, with people quick to point the finger at Regina, as they think she’s responsible for the new curse. Check out all the info, promo pics and sneak peek #1 and sneak peek #2.

3.14 “The Tower”

The cast is currently filming “The Tower” which will introduce yet another new character, ‘Rapunzel’ played by Alexandra Metz. This will also be the episode which will feature the eagerly anticipated first appearance of ‘Outlaw Queen’ or Regina meeting her potential new true love in the form of Robin Hood (Sean Maguire). While Ginnifer Goodwin also tweeted that this episode could be an important one for Charming (Josh Dallas), as he may be involved in rescuing Rapunzel from her tower.

3.15 “Quiet Minds”

According to TV Line they’re currently casting an “uppity,” “know-it-all” servant with a French accent named Lawrence. Meaning that this episode will likely feature flashback scenes with Belle (Emilie de Ravin), and fingers crossed for the Rumbelle shippers, more scenes inside the Beast’s (Robert Carlyle) castle. Question is, now that we have ‘Lumière’ will we get to meet ‘Cogsworth’ too? Lumiere has now been cast and will be played by Henri Lubatti. You can have a look at a couple of BTS pics from the cast as well.

Season 3 News & Spoilers: A Witch, Two Babies and a Wedding!

There’s a lot of love in the air, in the second part of the third season of Once Upon a Time. Creators Adam Horowitz and Eddy Kitsis had a chat about the upcoming series 3, with the remaining 11 episodes heading down the yellow brick road and Oz. Read the entire article here.

3.16 “It’s Not Easy Being Green”

Adam Horowitz confirmed the title of episode 3.16 “It’s Not Easy Being Green”, which will focus on the backstory of this season’s new villain The Wicked Witch from Oz played by Rebecca Mader. This episode will also feature the aftermath of a major character’s death! You can view many BTS pics taken between 22 and 23 January, as the cast returned to Steveston to film a showdown with the Wicked Witch.

Once Upon a Time and Once Upon a Time in Wonderland at TCA 2014

A couple of teasers about the upcoming second half of the season.

Show creators Adam Horowitz and Eddy Kitsis talk about ‘Something Wicked’

Adam Horowitz and Eddy Kitsis talk about the new villain ‘the Wicked Witch’. What’s coming up for Emma and Henry, the memory loss and whether or not Hook and Neal are still with a chance of winning her heart. They also discuss what they’d like to achieve with the upcoming 11 new episodes.

3.17 “The Jolly Roger” 

Get ready to meet Blackbeard, as Once Upon a Time will introduce us to the notorious and fierce-looking pirate, in the Hook-centric episode.Like Mulan this is a character who really existed. It will be interesting to see how the writers plan to deviate from the history books, and bring a character to life we’ve come to associate with the likes of Pirates of  the Caribbean and Treasure Island among many others. Charles Mesure is set to play Blackbeard, though there’s a strong possibility that he may also be known as ‘Davy Jones’, Killian and Liam Jones’ father. According to Eddy Kitsis, Blackbeard may have a strong interest in capturing the Jolly Roger. JoAnna Garcia Swisher and Gil McKinney will reprise their role as Ariel and Eric, while Henry is getting into trouble in the streets of Storybrooke. Have a look at the BTS pics taken while filming on 29 January and 3 February.

3.18 “Bleeding Through”

Adam Horowitz has confirmed the return of Rose McGowan, who’ll reprise her role as young Cora Mills in a flashback come episode 3.18. Will we see young Cora take a stroll on the yellow brick road as she visits Oz? What is the history between the Mills family and the Wicked Witch, are they related or does the witch seek revenge for something she holds them responsible for? It’s also been confirmed that we’re set to meet young Prince Leopold played by Eric Lange in a flashback, which will also feature young Eva. It will be interesting to see how the story will unfold, maybe it will reveal some details about how the feud between the Witch and Regina started.Yiu can also check out the BTS pics of the cast before and after filming scenes of the episode.

Adam Horowitz and Eddy Kitsis spill the beans on a couple of hot topics about the upcoming Oz-Arc

3.19 “A Curious Thing”

Sunny Mabrey has been cast in the role of the Good Witch ‘Glinda’.  TV Line described her as “elegant, warm and benevolent, as well as wise, clever and shrewd.” However “Glinda might not be in fighting form when we first meet her. Rather, years of isolation have made her lonely and cautious — though at her core, she is a steadfastly filled with optimism.” The episode is written by Eddy Kitsis and Adam Horowitz. Check out the BTS cast pics.

3.20 “Kansas”

With just a little over a week to go before the hiatus is finally over, Once Upon a Time creator Adam Horowitz revealed the title of episode 20 as “Kansas“. This is yet another title name with strong links to the “Wizard of Oz” mythology.

Don’t miss the all new Season 3 promo “The Arrival”  featuring the Wicked Witch of the West (Rebecca Mader) and what she has in store for our heroes. Includes screen caps of the trailer.

3.21 “Snow Drifts”

The penultimate episode title of the third season has been announced by Adam Horowitz, perhaps “Snow Drifts” will feature the birth of the Charmings second child.

More details will be added once they’re released, so make sure to check back!

Once Upon a Time returns on Sunday 9 March at 8/7c on ABC


  1. But if emma mive back to storybroke she must sell the apartment she ive in all all stuffs

    • Hi Ulrika,
      That is an excellent point! I’ve been thinking about what Emma has been doing for a living during the past year to be able to afford such a nice loft in NY, even if she might be renting it… But yes Emma does return to Storybrooke so she’ll probably have to sort out something with the place.

      • Well Neal just moved to Storybrooke and left his apartment. But it wasn’t just the past year. She has a whole bunch of false memories. Also is it just me or is that apartment the same one Neal was in in his scene in NY in 2X01?

  2. all i care about:
    what happend to rumple? will he be back? i hope really soon, wont be the same show without him

  3. am probably going to get a lot of hate but am not happy that snow is pregnant

  4. She probably goes back to doing bails bond person

    I cant wait to see more build up of Emma/Hook and i am rooting for them

    Rumpel is alive, you bet on that – i dont know in which form or how but he is lol

    • The whole curse never happened remember? Since Regina destroyed it, everything from the point of the curse on didn’t ever happen. Meaning rumple never died, neither did Gus, Cora, Rumple… or my favorite character of the entire show, Graham! But since he has the new role as Christian Grey he probably won’t be returning for right now :/ but hopefully he comes back as a main character eventually! But a good question would be, does this mean Cora still doesn’t have her heart? and what about Peter pan, is he back in Neverland alive again now? and then there are Greg and Tamara, and Felix? and is Cinderella’s prince missing again, since she never found him back in the enchanted forest (they were only reunited after the curse)?

      • i think that everyone who died in the series so is going to remain dead except for rumple and ella and thomas where reunited before the curse was broken remember the episode of the price of gold

      • and if what you say is true does that mean snow is pregnant with emma again

        • Ginnifer Goodwin (Snow) is pregnant in reality. I’m not sure how or if they are incorporating her pregnancy into the show- from what I’ve read and seen I don’t know that they will. So, the photos we’ve seen with her cradling the baby bump, I don’t think those are footage for the show, just behind the scenes moments captured between takes. She is very well covered in the photos where they are obviously filming a scene.

  5. and also what about Ariel, are her and Eric still reunited, and is she still permanently human back in the enchanted forest? and also Is belle still locked away by Regina? So many questions!

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