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Once Upon a Time – ‘As You Wish’ Good Form aftermath ~ Emma, Hook & Neal

The Once Upon a Time Hook-centric episode “Good Form” proved to be a huge hit with viewers, as the episode explored the tragic past of Killian Jones played by an outstanding Colin O’Donoghue. Furthermore the CaptainSwan shippers were treated to Emma (Jennifer Morrison) and Kllian’s first kiss, which left you grinning and breathless and was undeniably the hottest kiss yet to air on the show.

Moment of Clarity

We’ve known for quite some time that the sexy guyliner, innuendo loving pirate ‘had a thing’ for the saviour, but it was Emma’s father Charming (Josh Dallas) who made him confront his feelings for Emma head on.

The episode didn’t start all too well for the couple, with Emma brushing away Hook’s attempt to bond over knowing what it feels like to lose all hope. Yet Hook has faced as much tragedy, sorrow, loss and pain as any of the other characters on the Island, but he chooses to remain silent.

With the poison coursing through Charming’s veins, about to reach his heart – Hook devises a clever plan to save his life.  Charming hasn’t been blind and seen the way Hook has been looking at his daughter, not liking it one bit, as to him Hook is nothing but a pirate.

This is when we’re introduced to young Officer Killian Jones, Lieutenant in the naval army serving under his brother Captain Liam Jones (Bernard Curry). Killian Jones is optimistic, believes in a strict code and a true man of honor. No rum on his watch! The Jones brothers get tasked by the King to find a miraculous plant which could heal any injury, to be found in Neverland.

Tragedy is never far away in Once Upon a Time and Killian ends up losing his brother Liam to the Dreamshade. Their King deceived  the pair, as he wanted to use the deadly poison to win a war. Heartbroken and without any family left, Captain Killian Jones takes charge of the ship and its crew, becoming a pirate overnight as he could no longer follow orders from a corrupt and cowardice King, who’s responsible for his brother’s death.

Back in present-day Neverland. After yet another snarky remark from Charming, Hook tells him that he’s come to the Island to help, knowing it would be dangerous for him to return to Neverland.

This is the moment the pirate has to face his feelings, as Charming tells him that he knows full well he only came here for Emma…

Throughout the course of their journey, the duo start to bond as Hook tells Charming about the loss of his brother, while he mentions his own dead twin. By the end of the trip, with Hook having saved the Prince’s life  – Charming changes his opinion about the pirate, and sees the real hero and traces of Killian Jones coming through. You can see it means a lot to him, to get this kind of credit from Emma’s father.

For the first time in what must be hundreds of years, Killian starts to feel hope again. Emma genuinely thanks him for saving her father’s life and after some very flirtatious banter telling the other one ‘they couldn’t handle it‘ were they to kiss, it’s Emma who takes charge of the situation and decides to kiss Killian.

Both end up not being able ‘to handle it‘, as Emma clearly needs a moment to deal with her feelings, while Killian looks utterly awestruck. He’s in love with Emma, and to have her initiate the kiss takes literally his breath away.

The moment between them is about to pass, with Emma instructing him to wait before following her back to camp – but not before Killian says the memorable three words ‘As You Wish ‘.

You can actually see Emma smile as she hears it, before walking out of sight.

It has been confirmed by Colin O’Donoghue and creators Adam Horowitz and Eddy Kitsis that this is a deliberate parallel with the film The Princess Bride  (1987) where ‘As You Wish ‘ means ‘I Love You ‘ said by Westley the Dread Pirate Roberts to Princess Buttercup. With O’Donoghue fleshing out his Hook character with elements from The Dread Pirate Roberts, this is a really nice touch.

The Kiss

kiss-start kiss-start-2

kiss-hook-&-emma-kiss-breathe-in kiss-emma-&-killian-breathe-out

lip-pull kiss-pull-2

kiss-finale kiss-finale-2

kiss-killian kiss-end

Stormy Seas Ahead

300 years since Milah’s death, and Killian is finally ready to love again. Just as Killian feels hope there’s a future with Emma, Pan pays him a visit and casually mentions that Neal (Michael Raymond-James) is still very much alive and is in Neverland. And so the master manipulator Pan leaves him with a dilemma to either tell the others and Emma about Neal or remain silent… What would a man of honor do?

There’s no doubt that Emma still has strong feelings for Neal, she still loves him and his return will force her to confront her feelings for both men.

Emma doesn’t just end up kissing anyone,  her decision to kiss Killian may have surprised the both of them –  yet they’ve been bonding ever since 2.06 episode ‘Tallahassee”. There has  always  been a mutual form of respect and attraction between them. Let’s not forget she agreed to go to “Manhattan” with Rumplestiltskin, as he threatened to kill Hook for what he did to Belle. While Killian has done little else but supporting Emma any way he could since the beginning of this trip. He’s the one who understands her the most, more so than her own parents or indeed herself at times.

This is however not just another ‘love-triangle’.

Killian was ready to give up everything for the boy Bae, the son of his beloved Milah – give him a home and become a father figure in his life. Bae rejected the offer on grounds he believed the pirate to be responsible for his mother’s death – when in reality it was the Dark One (Robert Carlyle) who crushed her heart for choosing a life with Jones. The two did however spent quite a reasonable time together in Neverland before they parted ways, as Hook taught him how to sail the Jolly Roger, read the stars and map charts.

At SDCC both Colin O’Donoghue and Michael Raymond-James raised the issue, and were adamant that their characters’ relationship although very complicated, wasn’t therefore necessarily acrimonious. Bae – Neal remains Milah’s son, and Hook will always have strong feelings for him, wanting nothing but the best for him.

From the press release for Ariel it looks like Killian ends up showing “Good Form”, as the group will attempt to save Neal from Pan’s encampment. He therefore sets his own heart on the line, willing to give Emma a choice – as that’s the only right thing to do.

It’s quite a strong possibility that he will step back, leaving Neal and Emma to sort their relationship out.

Jennifer Morrison has hinted at NYCC that Emma won’t be running straight into Neal’s arms however. She still bares the scars of the last 10 years, while he was ready to move on and marry Tamara – who ended up being a nasty piece of work, as she was secretly working for Pan since the moment they met.

In conclusion ‘As You Wish’ only marks the beginning of what will be a very complicated situation, one where it will be for Emma to decide where to move on from here.

Once Upon a Time continues on Sundays at 8/7C on ABC


  1. Love captain swan best part of the show , I also enjoy captain charming

  2. LOVED this Episode!! Love Captain Swan and I’m glad they are moving towards a romance. Can’t wait to see it unfold.

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