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Once Upon a Time – 3.05 “Good Form” What to expect ‘As you Wish’

The upcoming Once Upon a Time episode “Good Form” has already caused quite a wave as it has yet to air. Not only will we get to learn more about Captain Hook’s back-story, there’s also plenty of romance and passion blossoming in the Neverland jungle. As the sexy pirate might have found he’s been bested again by a certain Emma Swan, something which will undoubtedly delight many Captain Swan shippers.

“Good Form” is written by Christine Boylan & Daniel T. Thomsen.

With the pictures and early sneak peek of the first kiss between Emma (Jennifer Morrison) and Killian ‘Hook’ Jones (Colin O’Donoghue) already leaked, there’s however a lot more to look forward to, as there might be quite some bumpy seas ahead in what promises to be an emotional episode.

The following does include some speculation on our part to go with the spoilers, but we thought we’d share our theories.

A young Killian Jones & how he becomes a pirate

From what we’ve learned thus far, Killian was abandoned by his father on the morning they were going to board a ship. He later found out his father was a fugitive and disappeared in the night, leaving Killian to fend for himself. In “Good Form” however we get to meet Killian’s older brother Liam (Bernard Curry) who’s a captain in the naval army of a realm in Fairy Tale Land. He must have taken Killian under his wing when their father left, as we find the Jones brothers  together aboard the same ship.

Captain Liam Jones and Officer Killian Jones have been tasked by the King, to find a plant with miraculous healing properties on a mysterious Island. From the promo it’s clear that sometime during their search, Pan (Robbie Kay) confronts the pair, which leaves little doubt that they find themselves in Neverland.

As we know David (Josh Dallas) suffers from a fatal injury due to the Dreamshade poison, if there’s indeed such a plant growing in Neverland it would save his life.

From the moment Hook found out Charming was poisoned by the Dreamshade, he’s been pleading with David to tell his family the truth about his injury, as they deserve to know what’s going on. Which leads to the speculation that Killian’s brother Liam might have suffered the same fate. They might have found the plant but as it was meant for the King, Killian might not have been able to save his brother’s life.

Now left without any family, the young talented naval officer might have felt betrayed by circumstances and rebelled against the King, chosing a life of piracy instead.

It’s been mentioned time and time again but the ‘flower’ symbol does play quite a large role in the Once Upon a Time mythology. It’s the emblem on Snow White and Charming’s flag, Emma has the flower tattooed on her wrist, Hook gave Bae a belt where we can find the flower emblem studded on it, and now there’s  ‘a plant which could heal all injuries’. If you’ve seen the Disney animated film Tangled (2010), you know where this is could be heading…


A Captain Charming / Hook David Bromance

It can’t be denied their history is a bit patchy and they’ve not always been the best of ‘mates‘ , but Hook has truly been making an effort once they set foot in Neverland. He’s been trying to impress David as he’s Emma’s father, but they’ve bonded over the Dreamshade injury. Hook is the only one who David has been able to confide in, with the pirate doing everything he can to find a way to save his life.

The two of them leave ‘The Nevengers camp’, in search of a sextant that could help them decipher a map, that would lead them off Neverland. With Pan constantly telling everyone that no one is able to leave the island without his permission, this would be a victory for sure.

From the sneak peek we know that Hook does save David’s life, did they find the mysterious plant?

Emma Swan and Killian Jones in the Neverland jungle

Eddy Kitsis didn’t lie when he said that we’d find ourselves in a dark and sexy jungle, he simply left out the part that we’d get to see a hot and passionate make-out session between Emma and the sexy and adorable pirate, which would leave us grinning and slightly breathless.

As the couple’s first kiss, it’s one that can count as it represents their personalities. With Emma saying a genuinely meant thank you for saving her father’s life to the flirtatious reply from Killian looking more a little more appreciation, it soon develops into a challenge as they both tell the other that ‘Please ,You couldn’t handle it‘  – before Emma takes charge, grabs the lapels of his jacket and basically goes for it, kissing him with raw emotion and passion.

It’s what happens after the kiss that is very interesting, as Emma is shaken by what she feels and decides to walk away from the situation, while Killian is visibly emotionally broken. And then follows the punchline:

Emma: Don’t follow me, wait 5 minutes, go get some firewood or something

Killian: As you wish.

Which results in a smirk appearing on Emma’s face as she walks away. If you’ve  seen the film The Princess Bride (1987you’ll know that Killian actually tells Emma that he loves her.

Buttercup: Farm boy, fill these with water – please.

Westley: As you wish.

Grandpa: [voiceover] That day, she was amazed to discover that when he was saying “As you wish”, what he meant was, “I love you.” And even more amazing was the day she realized she truly loved him back.

It’s not a coincidence that we find parallels with The Princess Bride as Colin O’ Donoghue admitted on numerous occasions, that some elements of Hook are based on Westley – the Dread Pirate Roberts character.

What will Emma do with this information? As for Killian, the look on his face as she walks away tells you everything you need to know. After 300 years of hurt, pain and wanting nothing more than to have his vengeance on the Crocodile, he finally feels there’s a glimmer of hope for a better life – a future with Emma.

Emotional Ride

  • Whatever the story is on how Killian Jones becomes a pirate, we fear he’ll suffer the loss of his brother Liam. Leaving him an orphan, and without a family.
  • David having to say goodbye to his wife Snow and daughter Emma, maybe for the last time before the Dreamshade poison claims his life.
  • Hook reliving some old painful memories, he’d rather forget as David is getting more affected by the poison.
  • Emma and Killian share a kiss and let their walls down. Neither are actually able to ‘handle it‘.

Once Upon a Time “Good Form” airs on Sunday 27 October at  8/7C on ABC



  2. I hope that when David says goodbye to Snow and Emma that it isn’t the last time he’s going to see him. I don’t want his character to die. His character needs to survive.

  3. Very much looking forward to it, well was for ages when i heard it was Hook’s backstory and now Emma-Hook progression is added, cant wait 🙂

    I am curious about the flower and what it means

    Cannot wait to see Hook as Killian

  4. I definitely can’t wait for this episode. I think Good Form is going to be as top notch as Lost Girl was. Not to mention Christine Boylan is definitely one of my favorite writers on the show, so that’s a major plus 🙂

  5. I didn’t see anything truly romantic about that kiss. What I saw was Emma Swan regretting it two seconds later and realizing that she’s there to find Henry. To call this a love story at this point is way too overreaching. Hook isn’t going to settle down in Storybrooke and play house with Emma and Henry, and Emma certainly wouldn’t abandon her family to go galivanting off with a pirate. The first scenario is boring, the second is completely unrealistic, and both are OOC.

    One kiss does not a love story make, and using her love for her father to ask for more than a simple “thank you” makes it even less so.

    • lol at this exact same comment showing up verbatim by an anonymous person on all sorts of articles across the web discussing Hook’s episode on Sunday.

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