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Once Upon a Time – “Nasty Habits” 3.04 Review

Once Upon a Time was on fire tonight and the show is as good now as it has ever been. Nasty Habits was an hour so jam-packed with revelations that my head is still spinning. Squids, magic flutes, long overdue confrontations and the complete knowledge that this is most certainly a game and Pan is most certainly the one in charge.

The Good

  • The flashbacks in this episode perfectly fit into the present story.
  • I love Belle (Emilie de Ravin)  and Rumple (Robert Carlyle)but I love how Rumple admits that she’s not his happy ending that Bae is! I think it’s beautiful that happy endings and true loves on this show don’t always have to be romantic…they can just be about family and loving your children.
  • Hook (Colin O’Donoghue)  genuinely cared for Bae (Dylan Schmid) ; I think this episode proved that. And yes he did give him up to the Lost Boys but we learn in this episode that not only did Hook teach Bae how to sail his ship but he also taught him to navigate by the stars and to be secretive like a pirate.  Hook also obviously kept tabs on Bae while he was on the island, since he knew where Bae’s hideout was. I found it interesting to note that Bae was already acquainted with Pan (Robbie Kay)and was warned just how dangerous he was but was willing to leave the safety of Hook’s ship to take his chances on the island. I’m not trying to let Hook off the hook either (no pun intended…I think) I just always feel like there is so much more to the story then we are being told…because there always is. 
  • Emma (Jennifer Morrison) being vulnerable with both her parents, it’s a side of Emma that we don’t see often but Neverland has really done a lot to start shattering the walls she has built. She just seems so broken from her past and now everything is throwing her for a loop. Emma is such a subtle character, and I think people tend to not understand her but in Neverland she’s really wearing her heart on her sleeve and allowing us to see the person that she really is.

The Bad

  • So we know that Hook got out of Neverland on his ship with a portal the he got in a deal off Pan, a deal that Pan wouldn’t want to repeat. Does that mean that Hook has already bested Pan once before? Can Pan see the future? Pan tells Neal that no one escapes Neverland, heavily implying that he allowed young Bae to leave as well. 
  • Rump’s nasty habit of putting his own interest and powers first is a nasty habit, a habit he was willing to kick when he thought that his Bae was dead. Bae’s alive, so will Rumple second guess his plans since his reason for living…his happy ending (Bae) is still alive.
  • Rumple talks a lot about what a monster he is, and his fears that at some point that will be all that Belle sees as well. Belle has always been able to see beyond the mask of the monster that he wears. Sometimes I wonder if that’s why none of their kisses have broken his curse in Storybrooke because Rumple has no faith in himself or that she loves him unconditionally.
  • Rumple takes Bae’s choice to choose him and their family over Pan and Neverland. The choices you make for yourself and those you make for others always play a huge role in this show. Rumple made Bae’s choice for him and ended up losing him in the end anyway. It reminded me of Charming (Josh Dallas) in this episode choosing to not tell Snow (Ginnifer Goodwin) about his poisoning, taking away her choice to prepare herself or to help.
  • I made a comment last week about Bae possibly following in his father’s footsteps. And I wanted to clarify that it wasn’t meant to hate on Neal (Michael Raymond-James). I don’t hate Neal (in fact I don’t hate any characters) but remember Rumplestiltskin wasn’t always bad. Rumple was trying to protect Bae, to save him from his fate (Ogre Wars) and now Neal is trying to do the same with Henry (Jared Gilmore) . There is the age old saying that we always turn into our parents. I hope Neal can break the cycle but at the same time I’m a little excited…I mean Michael Raymond-James plays an amazing bad guy.
  • Dylan Schmid that portrays young Bae is getting older and is looking less and less like the young boy that went through the portal. Flashbacks are going to get tricky with him soon.  
  • Rumple and Neal rescued Henry!!! And then they lost him again…..ouch
  • I always thought that squid would be hard to kill or at least find. Interesting how Neal knew more about it than his father.

The Ugly

  • Pan is so dark and so repulsive that the Dark One in full dark one mode is repulsed and afraid of him. I don’t know how the Nevengers are going to save Henry and have everybody make it out of Neverland alive.  We also learn a little bit about Pan and that he had ties to a young Rumplestiltskin. In fairy tale past we are told that in Neverland, Pan was only being visited in the dreams of lonely children and that he has grown lonely in a land with no one, thus the use of his magic pipe that lures lonely, unloved boys (Pan is also the Pied Piper of Hamelin …nice twist OUAT). Pan was also once mortal.
  • Charming is still keeping his poisoning a secret from his wife and daughter. When a pirate tells you what you’re doing is wrong, then maybe you should listen!

Final Thoughts / Looking Forward

  • I always see people posting comments about how they can help improve them, since they’re not part of the elusive Nielsen family ratings. Well you should still watch the show, and watch it live if you can…and if you watch in on DVR try and do it within 24hrs and watch the commercials (yes that’s right big brother knows if you watch them or not). I’m not part of the Nielsen’s so I actually also buy the episodes on iTunes. I love my shows, they give me hours of entertainment and joy. That’s what shows are meant to do, so I try and support it anyway I can. Also I think I have a soft spot for Adam Horowitz, I occasional troll his twitter feed and am always astounded by the tweets he gets, I just want to give him a big hug and bake him some cookies.
  • One of the strongest beliefs that Henry has is in Emma’s destiny to be savior and his belief in her. Pan’s conversation with him last week and his conversation with him this week has me wondering if all of this isn’t just a game organized by Pan to turn Emma into the ‘Truest Believer’ and in the process have Henry stop believing in her. Henry is obviously falling deeper into Pan’s plan…and the episode has left no doubt that Pan is the one in charge of this game.
  • A big thanks to Regina (Lana Parrilla) for breaking-up an emotional roller coaster of an episode with her comment about a preteen Baelfire making a lot of pasta, and to Charming as well for lighting that torch that Hook was struggling with! Those were two well needed light moments in a heavy episode.
  • And seriously Jennifer Morrison could you stop making me cry! And I’m probably going to have nightmares about Robbie Kay


So that’s how I felt, as usual there will be a full recap of the episode to follow, until then what did you think of  ‘Nasty Habits’ and what is Pan going to do to reset the board?

Once Upon a Time was on fire tonight and the show is as good now as it has ever been. Nasty Habits was an hour so jam-packed with revelations that my head is still spinning. Squids, magic flutes, long overdue confrontations and the complete knowledge that this is most certainly a game and Pan is most …

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Summary : I found myself on the edge of my seat the whole time I was watching 'Nasty Habits' and I can't wait to do it all again next week.

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