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The White Queen – A sequel in the works by Starz?

We reported on the cancellation of the historical drama The White Queen by the BBC, while expressing hopes that their partner Starz might still pick up the show for a second series, which is now looking likely to happen.

The White Queen, adapted from Philippa Gregory‘s series of books about ‘The Cousins’ War’ or ‘War of the Roses’, proved to be a hit with the majority of viewers over the summer,but was cancelled by the BBC over disappointing ratings – while maintaining that they never had any plans to produce a sequel…

We’re now happy to report that according to The Telegraph the BBC’s partner Starz who co-produced The White Queen and aired the series in America, is very much interested in developing a sequel by adapting Philippa Gregory’s The White Princess as a stand alone mini-series.

The White Princess tells the story of Lizzie’s marriage to King Henry Tudor (Henry VII) and her struggles to remain loyal, as a pretender for the throne believed to be her brother, makes his claim.

More news will appear here once the series is fully confirmed!


  1. BRILLIANT NEWS!!! Cannot wait, bring it on for all “The White Queen” and “The Tudors” fans. Fantastic television. Believe me it is the BBC’s loss, Starz sounds like a company on the ball with the viewing public, unlike the BBC.

  2. Shakira Fernandez

    This would be outstanding news. Pls pls pls pls pls continue on with the saga. Seriously addicted and want something great like this to still air. Why cancel good tv and let all the reality shows keep going. I will be overjoyed to see it continue.

  3. I would absolutely guarantee my viewing of a ‘White Princess’ sequel on Starz. Kudos to Starz for daring to have an interest in a series that attracts female viewers. I have read all the Philippa Gregory books and would love to see more of her historical storytelling come to life in a sequel to ‘The White Queen’.
    I must say that it was fascinating to watch Aneurin Barnard (Richard III ) steal the heart of the show.
    Bravo on all accounts. Go ahead Starz, do what the BBC is too short sighted to imagine!

  4. Omg! it will totally break my heart if the show does not go on! I am 100% in love with the show. I Will also guarantee my viewing as well. jJust keep the show as Hot and suspenseful plus some. please hit us with a second season!

  5. Please do sequel……this is excellent tv and a great lesson in history. I found myself watching each episode at least twice.

  6. It has been a year and I am still waiting. This was absolutely my all time favorite other than Downton Abbey. PLEASE–announce a sequel!!

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