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Peaky Blinders – Soundtrack Series 1

Here’s the song listing of the first series of Tiger Aspect & Caryn Mandabach Productions ‘s gangster drama Peaky Blinders set in 1920’s Birmingham, starring Cillian Murphy, Sam Neil and Helen McCrory which airs on BBC Two.

Episode 1

  • ‘Zandstra’ by Nick Cave & Warren Ellis
  • ‘Martha’s Dream’ by Nick Cave
  • ‘Red Right Hand’ by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
  • ‘I think I smelled a Rat’ by The White Stripes
  • ‘St James Infirmary Blues’ by The White Stripes
  • ‘Queenie’s Suite ‘ by Nick Cave
  • ‘Song for Jesse ‘ by Nick Cave

Episode 2

  • ‘Red Right Hand’ by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
  • ‘Tough Call’ by The Samphire Band
  • ‘Blue Veins’ by The Raconteurs
  • ‘The Hardest Button to Button’ by The White Stripes
  • ‘Proposition #1′ by Nick Cave
  • ‘Black Math ‘ by The White Stripes
  • ‘Vedi la Ma Guite Lo Stendo A Tel ‘ by Giacomo Puccini
  • ‘Lo Tenni La Promesca’ by Giacomo Puccini
  • ‘Brother My Cup is Empty’ by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
  • ‘Little Room’ by The White Stripes

Episode 3

  • ‘Red Right Hand’ by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
  • ‘When I hear my name’ by The White Stripes
  • ‘Abattoir Blues’ by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
  • ‘St James Infirmary Blues’ by The White Stripes

Episode 4

  • ‘Red Right Hand’ by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
  • ‘I fought Piranhas’ by The White Stripes
  • ‘Clap Hands’ by Tom Waits
  • ‘Broken Boy Soldier’ by The Raconteurs
  • ‘Martha’s dream’ by Nick Cave & Warren Ellis

Episode 5

  • ‘Red Right Hand’ by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
  • ‘Ball & Biscuit’ by The White Stripes
  • ‘Little Cream Soda’ by The White Stripes
  • ‘God is in the House’ by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
  • ‘Time’ by Tom Waits
  • ‘Bring it on’ by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

Episode 6

  • ‘Red Right Hand’ by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
  • ‘The Prowl’ by Dan Auerbach
  • ‘Love is Blindness’ by Jack White German




  1. what a brilliant show the peaky blinders is and the sound track would be great driving music among other things to be able to buy as a compilation will look out for.

  2. i look forward to the sound track put on album

  3. Pleeeaseee! In the 5 episode when Thomas and Grace are making love, there is a song. I couldn’t find it!

    • katia, the song is •‘God is in the House’ by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds….it’s just the intro piano part that you hear in the show.

      • Thank you!

        It sounded to me like a variation on the Waits’ song ‘Christmas Card from a Hooker in Minneapolis’. At first I thought it was a studio outtake with which I was unfamiliar, then I thought it might be a live recording stripped of the vocal track and other instrumentation. When ‘Time’ started up immediately after the track ended, I thought perhaps Mearl (sp?) might have done some sort of homage to 70’s Waits’ as a lead-in. I was baffled, really – so thanks very much for taking the time, darrolyn (and katia for asking)…Sincerely appreciated :)

  4. A brilliant series and yes…please put the soundtrack on an album!

  5. Music is so different, best I have heard for ages. Please make an Album.Wasted if not out there ;)

  6. Hello, fellow Peaky Blinders fans and soundtrack lovers!
    I asked the production company about a possible OST release, but sadly there are no plans to release an album.
    The songs by the artists are available to buy separately online either via iTunes or amazon, etc…or perhaps have a look on spotify.

  7. BRILLIANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. I was wondering if anyone would know the track played in episode 4, at around the 42 minute mark. It’s where the police turn up looking for Tommy at the pub. I can’t seem to find it, and it’s not on this list!

  9. The modern music jars against the subject matter of the Peaky Blinders and spoils the show. If we could watch the program without the soundtrack it would be so much better. It’s like scraping your nails down a blackboard…

  10. The modern music set against the period backdrop was the icing onthe cake. It was so evocative and
    added to the already brilliant drama.Well done!!

  11. I watched Alan Yentob last night and the background music was from the Peaky Blinders. Can anyone tell me the name and artist?

  12. Does anyone know the music in S01E01 when Thomas shot Danny?

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