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Some Girls – Exclusive interview with ‘Rocky’ Jassa Ahluwalia

The second series of the critically acclaimed teen comedy Some Girls produced by Hat Trick Productions and written by Bernadette Davis kicked off on  BBC Three. Seeing the return of the fierce foursome Viva, Saz, Amber and Holli as they continue their journey through both home and sixth form life at Greenshoots Academy.

The first episode set the tone with plenty of mayhem, hilarious situations and attitude from the worst-behaved schoolgirls on television. With Viva (Adelayo Adedayo) starting to have doubts about her relationship with Rocky (Jassa Ahluwalia), while  Amber (Alice Felgate), Holli (Natasha Jonas) and Saz (Mandeep Dhillon) have some interesting meetings with the new cute-looking school counsellor.

Often rude and loud yet showing plenty of heart and laughs, the second series of Some Girls is bound to become just as successful as the first one.

We had a chat with Jassa Ahluwalia (The Whale, Ripper Street, The Bible) about the second series and what’s upcoming up for his character Rocky on the show. Jassa talks about his own schooldays, the pleasure of working with the Some Girls cast and crew and about waxing!

Did you enjoy getting back together with the team, crew and actors, working on Series 2? How much fun was it working with Colin Salmon (Viva’s father) and how many selfies did you guys take with those ‘pies’?

It was like going back to school after the summer holidays. It was so exciting to see everyone again, many of whom have become close mates. Working with friends is awesome. But it was also my first experience of returning to a role and that felt really weird at first, like I was doing an impersonation of myself! But familiarity made for a wonderfully relaxed atmosphere which allowed us all to do our best work.

And working with Colin is a real privilege, he gives you so much, even off screen. He’s very keen to nurture the next generation of talent and pass on what he’s learnt. We were never actually in the same room for the pie selfies! But there is more culinary comedy to come…

Looks like there may be some bumpy seas ahead for your character ‘Rocky’, how will he cope with the break-up with Viva? Is he ready to fight for a second chance?
Rocky’s feeling for Viva run deep but I don’t think he quite understands the full extent of it yet. Perhaps he’s denying the truth slightly. He does want Viva to be happy. That’s not to say he won’t make some bad decisions along the way but he cares for her a lot. The real question is does she know what she wants? And who will end up fighting for who?

Rocky got a bit too full-on with Viva, especially with that tattoo – do you think Rocky regrets it now and wishes he handled things differently?
Rocky is living so much in the present I don’t think he has time for regrets. Plus, he believed it was “destiny thing” very early on. I think he’ll wish he’d handled the break up differently…/div>

What else lies in store for Rocky this series? What was your favourite scene to film?
There’s a brilliant scene in Episode 4 which focuses on Rocky’s relationship with Viva’s dad. I think that was my favourite scene, getting to mess about with Colin all day. We wore matching aprons. As for what else lies in store for Rocky…there’s a lot of kissing.

Does the cast have any input with the dialogue or do you’ve to follow the script to the letter?

The wonderful thing about this being the second series is that the writer Bernadette Davis knows us all so well. She writes for us, knowing how we work, so the dialogue always feels natural. My job is to simply learn it! Sometimes we tweak something to improve the flow of a scene but the script is where it’s at.

What was your favourite subject in school? Did you ever get into any trouble or were you a model pupil?
I enjoyed pretty much all my subjects. Though I hated the mark scheme “hoop jumping” culture. For me learning should develop how you think, not what you think. If I had to pick though I’d probably say English Literature, for the same reason I love acting. The stories, the characters, the themes, the ideas, they all provide an opportunity to examine oneself. Self-awareness never ceases to fascinate me.

I never got into any serious trouble at school. Though I always resisted conforming. My school had a ridiculous rule about hair length. Boys’ hair couldn’t cover their ears. So I shaved my head. A minimum length rule soon followed.

You’ve a very keen interest in  working behind the camera – did you get to do any of that during the filming of the second series? Would you be interested to go into directing at some point? Or go back into producing new projects?

I joined the Some Girls shoot a day after I got back from filming The Whale in Malta (the eagerly anticipated TV Film for BBC One about the whaleship Essex). I was so tired I was barely keeping my eyes open to take care of the acting! I feel my experience behind the camera makes me a better actor. The more I understand the process the more I can hone my performance. Doing the best work is always my priority. Now that I’ve produced short films and built up more experience as an actor I am interested in directing. Not sure when I’ll give it a go but I’ll always be making films, whatever my role!

You’ve had a very busy year of filming so far – what else can we look forward to?

It’s been non-stop! The Whale will be coming to BBC One sometime in the near future. Along with my guest appearance in Ripper Street (Episode 5). The Bible is coming to Channel 5 before the end of the year. And I’m currently in Romania shooting a movie for NBC Universal. The variety of roles has been incredible!

Some Girls continues on BBC Three next Monday.

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