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Once Upon A Time – Prince Eric is being Cast

Might not be exactly the newest of news but it has been confirmed that the character of Prince Eric is being cast for a recurring role in Once Upon A Time Season 3.

UPDATE : Prince Eric has been cast

Speculations are mounting that Prince Eric could either be Killian Jones’ (Colin O’Donoghue) father or that the characters are somehow related. (if O’Donoghue wasn’t already playing Hook he’d be cast as Eric for sure, blue eyes, dark hair, the eyebrows…)

It will be interesting to see if Prince Eric has always lived in Neverland, or does he come from one of the many realms and kingdoms, that make up the Enchanted Forest? Maybe Eric will have heard of Snow White (Ginnifer Goodwin) and Prince Charming (Josh Dallas) before, when they’ll meet in Neverland.

Lots of suggestions have been made on who will play the role. The Little Mermaid is one of the most popular Disney films, so the pressure is on to get the right actor for the part.

Furthermore Adam Horowitz had a chat with TV Line, and mentioned that we might see the scene of Regina’s encounter with Ariel the mermaid mentioned in ‘Skin Deep’ (episode 1.12).

Meanwhile for episode 3.05 Good Form, they are in the process of casting the role of  ‘Liam’, who’s an Irish Captain of the Navy. Liam is an orphan who will take the young Killian Jones under his wing, after he’s left abandoned at the docks. With Liam working for the Navy, something must have occurred to change Killian’s life around – and become a pirate.

Once Upon A Time Season 3 Premieres on 29 September on ABC.


  1. I’ve never heard one theory about Eric being hook’s father. That’s disgusting! The girl who they cast as Ariel is around hook’s age. If they do make Eric Hook’s father, then stick him with Regina. I heard rumors that Regina will have a lover this season. Stick Ariel with Hook.

    • Hi Kristy,
      There’s been a very lively debate about this theory for a while now on different social media sites, including tumblr. Remember that no one ages in Neverland, so Hook’s parents could look just as old as Emma’s. It’s only one of many theories though. Eric and Ariel might not have any connections to Hook at all. Regina will indeed have a new love interest this season, and we’ll meet him in the first set of episodes.

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