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The Little Mermaid cast in Once Upon A Time

It’s official! Actress JoAnna Garcia-Swisher (Animal Practice, Better with You), has been cast as Ariel from The Little Mermaid in Once Upon A Time.

Watch the trailer below featuring a preview of The Little Mermaid in Season 3:

Eddy Kitsis and Adam Horowitz have teased fans in earlier reports about the mermaids in Neverland. Ariel will be living in Neverland with Prince Eric. She may well be a mermaid, but the rest of them will more likely be sirens, the more dangerous kind.

Another teaser suggested that in Season 3, we’ll see how Killian Jones (Colin O’Donoghue) got ‘hooked’ into becoming a pirate. Did Ariel have anything to do with that? Jones was abandoned by his father when he was a child, when they were about to go aboard a ship. Did she watch from afar and took an interest in him?

Still holding on to the theory that it might have been Ariel, who brought Henry’s Storybook over from Neverland, for Snow to find ashore… The book has almost certainly been written in Neverland – as it is the world of imagination.

With the Little Mermaid and Prince Eric joining the group of characters in Once, everyone is waiting to know who will play the sea-witch Ursula. Will it be Lana Parrilla, who’ll play another villain?

Adam Horowitz had a chat with TV Line, and mentioned that we might see the scene of Regina’s encounter with Ariel the mermaid mentioned in ‘Skin Deep’ (episode 1.12). Watch this space for more news!

Once Upon A Time Season 3 Premieres on Sunday 29 September on ABC.

Season 2 Blu-Ray and DVD set is available now in the USA & Canada. Region 2 (Europe) version will be released on 18 November.

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