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Once Upon A Time – Hospital Jello Hook S2 deleted scene

Yes the title says it all! Fans have been aware of this particular deleted scene from the upcoming release of the Once Upon A Time Blu-Ray & DVD disc set since yesterday as it caused quite a pleasant stir on all social media.

Now thanks to The Hollywood Reporter, we are allowed to share this scene as well.

From the season 2.12 episode In the Name of the Brother, we remember how Hook (Colin O’Donoghue) shot Belle (Emilie de Ravin) which made her cross the town line, losing all her memories – only to have a car run over Captain Hook seconds later.

Both Belle and Hook find themselves in hospital, where the deleted scene is set. Roughly after Emma (Jennifer Morrison) visited Hook in his hospital room.

Hook who’s still very sedated by the medication, has visibly no problems undoing the handcuffs tying him to the hospital bed as you know – PIRATE! Wobbling over to the group waiting for news on Belle, he has a plate of blue jello in his hand, as he asks Emma if he’s hallucinating. Emma is clearly more than a little ruffled as the Captain proceeds to hit on Ruby (Meghan Ory)  stating – Well Hello, You’re quite real aren’t you?

It’s a hilarious scene, why Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis decided to cut it from the episode, is still a mystery but thankfully it found its way on the DVD set.

The Blu-Ray and DVD set is released on 13 August in the USA & Canada. Europe will most likely have to wait until late October.

Watch the clip below:



  1. Emma and Hook <3

    They like a bickering couple lol

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