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Colin O’Donoghue – Twitter Chat Transcript

Channel 5 @Onceon5 organized a twitter chat session with Once Upon a Time actor Colin O’Donoghue who plays Killian Jones/ Captain Hook on the show. Fans worldwide were asked to send in their questions for Colin and safe to say the fans didn’t disappoint as #AskColin trended worldwide within minutes of the chat session.

(Sunday June 16 between 7.00 – 8.00 pm)


Here’s a transcript of the questions & answers by Colin:

What is the best thing about playing Hook?

The best thing about playing Hook is playing an iconic character and having a boat.

What was your favorite scene so far?

It’s a tough one. If I had to pick one it would be from my first episode with Rumplestiltskin on the boat.

What is your favorite Disney film?

Peter Pan, of course!

What got you into acting?

I joined the youth theatre in my hometown. It allowed me to be somebody other than me. I was shy

If it wasn’t Hook, which other character would you like to play on Once Upon a Time?

One of the princesses!

Do you love the idea of Hook and Emma?

I think Hook deserves to find love. Whether it’s with Emma… Who knows.

Do you play any instruments?

Guitar, mandolin and ukulele

Whats your favorite part of the Hook costume?

The leather jacket

What’s your favorite book?

Catcher in the Rye

Are you as flirty and cheeky as Hook?

What do you think?! 😉

Whats your favorite film?

Shawshank Redemption

What you would do if you weren’t actor ?

I was going to go to art college

Who is your biggest inspiration professionally?

There are so many… Working with Antony Hopkins has had a huge influence on me so far

How was it work with Barbara Hershey? Do you miss Cora

Barbara is an amazing actress. I had such a good time working with her

I just need to know if you get panda eyes from the guyline

Sometimes I don’t get it all off and I don’t realise when I go for dinner

Why do they keep making Hook hit the floor?

Because I’m really good at the funky worm

What’s your favorite Hook’s quote?

If I jab you with my sword, you’ll feel it

Did you participate in any cast commentaries for the season 2 DVD?

Yes… For the finale episode

Whats your favorite fairytale?


Would you like to see an happy ending for Hook?

Maybe he deserves to find love again..

Who would you want to play you in a movie of your life?

Me because I need the jobs!

Would you be interested in a musical episode?

Could be fun. I’d like to see @robertcarlyle_ singing

#AskColin is trending! how do you feel?

I feel humbled

What would you like to see more of in season 3? *cough* Captain Swan *cough*

I’d like to see their take on some of the characters in Neverland *cough cough*

Which is your fave ice-cream flavour ?


How was it like shooting that giant and beanstalk episode?

Hard because I only have one hand

Have u ever been in Belgium? ’cause we have the best beer and chocolate!

I did a play there a few years ago

What’s your favorite sport?

Football or Gaelic

Can I get my first tweet from you?

Just by asking

Do you see hook as a villain or a hero?

I think he drifts between both

I noticed that toward the end of the season, Hook’s earring stone changed from clear to black. Was that intentional?

Nope… The other one broke!

What’s been your favourite thing so far about playing Hook?

Answering these tweets!

How charming is @JoshDallas ?


Who do you think would be the best buddy for Hook?

Smee is his best buddy

What was it like to film the sword fighting scene with Jen?

Good fun- but I let her win!

Is it difficult just having one hand when you are on set?

I use the hook to carry coffee

Which song would be a perfect theme tune for Hook?

INXS – Need You Tonight because it’s a bit saucy

Who would you like to film more scenes with next season?


How long does it take to film an whole episode of once?

eight days

Will we ever find out the real story behind the scar on your cheek? Your bandmates had fun making stories for it

I sliced my face open when I was three years old… Trying to shave!

How many tries did it take to tie the scarf/bandage on Jen’s hand?

it took a few goes, but we got there in the end

Do you think hook is more a pizza guy or a hamburger guy?


Will we see flashbacks of childhood Hook?

That would be fun to see

Dark, white or milk chocolate?


Where is your favourite place in Ireland?

My hometown, but all of Ireland is beautiful

When you decided to be an actor?

When I was 16

I don’t know what to ask

Have a good think

Do you have an advice you could give young people who wanna become an actor/actress?

Work hard and believe in yourself

What is your favorite band ?

Pearl Jam

@colinodonoghue1 Just want to thank everyone for making #askcolin trend worldwide! Very humbled! Love to you all


Don’t forget to watch Once Upon a Time on Sundays at 8.00 pm on Channel 5

Season 3 will start in the US in the Autumn.

Visit Channel 5 website

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