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Welcome to Entertainment Outlook

A very warm welcome to all visiting the site. Entertainment Outlook  is a new site where you’ll be able to stay up to date with the latest news in the world of UK TV, Film and Art and provide you with reviews and featured items.

The aim of the site is double when it comes to the TV section: provide news and reviews about UK projects when it airs in the UK, but also linking it back for when those projects air in the Benelux region. Why the Benelux? Well this might be a good time to mention that your editor is Belgian! I’m Nikki De Graeve (editor) and always been passionate about TV & Film, especially UK projects.

The TV landscape keeps changing since TV went digital and more and more people choose to get a satellite dish as well. So lots of people from the Benelux region and beyond like to watch UK TV programs at the same time when these air in the UK. That said, there are lots of people who simply prefer to wait so they can watch these programs with subtitles when they air on Belgian screens.

That’s why we created the Belgian Guide sectionHere you’ll find a weekly ‘TV Picks of the Week’ on recommended programs and films shown on digital TV channels available to watch in Belgium. A monthly calendar on all upcoming DVD releases and TOP Tips on what to watch in the Belgian cinemas.

In the Art section you’ll find recommended art exhibitions, museums or cultural events to visit in London, the Paris region and in Belgium.

A special section of the site is  Sponsor unlike your first thought it’s not at all about ads but about cultural projects (TV / Film / Stage / …) or charities that might need a bit of help from the public to reach their goals. If you’re organizing a Kickstarter , Indiegogo campaign or any other and would like to get featured on the site simply contact us by email: Nikki@Entertainmentoutlook.com

We know the site looks a bit empty at this stage but will try to rectify this very soon indeed!

Many thanks for visiting and hope you’ll enjoy the site!! 😀




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